Seven Day Snapshots

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Babies. Graduation. Family. Dog sitting. Jazz bands. Key lime pie. That sums up our past couple weeks. So many fun and fulfilling adventures.
-We enjoyed delicious brunch for mother's day and pondered how nutso it will be next year with a 9 month old.
-Snapchats from Madi Mae are the bestest.
-Dog sitting has warmed us up for true parenting. These pets are such faithful companions.
-Graduation meant loads of fun family time and cracking up about the abnormal size of Husband's big head.
-I've become a water Nazi as of late, so Bopants has sent me some proud hydrated photos to prove that he actually hears my complaints and is filling his body with healthy water.
-5 piece Jazz band. Need I say more.
-Check out these amazing t-shirt baby onesies our friend Raven had made for Levi. So stinking adorable!
-Baby Maxwell popped out a couple weeks ago and we are loving taking advantage of Chris and Rachel's parenting tips! Whenever I hold Max, baby Levi makes sure to kick away in my belly. I figure it's some type of baby morse code for them talking about how cool their moms are. Baby geniuses.

His & Hers: May Edition

 photo wantreadlistneedmay_zpsc89e5776.jpg His: want, need, listen, read 
Hers: want, need, listen, read

Keeping in step with our super delayed procrastination this month, here is our much belated His & Hers. Bopants has recently picked up a hankering for golf, so out of nowhere he has become quite interested and obsessed with playing anywhere and everywhere. We are moving next week, so as I type, a mountain of boxes torments me from every direction. Our small cottage is basically in shambles with only one small pathway from the door to the fridge to the bed. Because really, where else do you need to go in a house. With the CFA test right around the corner, Bo has been stuffing his post graduate days with loads of studying for hours and hours on end when he isn't packing up our belongings. I on the other hand have my eye on a different prize. Summer is the season of all my favorite alcoholic drinks and pregnancy is just harshing my mellow. The sacrifices we make for our children. Am I riiiiiiiiight?!? A pregnancy swimsuit has been at the top of my shopping list for a while. Nickel Creek finally came out with another joyful cd after about 8 years of hiatus. Totally worth the wait. We already scored tickets to their tour in Dallas! Babycenter and google just about save my skin on this whole pregnancy thing, constantly answering questions I didn't even know I had and filling my head with all the baby things. Welp that about covers it! Over and out. 

Jacob Burton. My Everything - Monday Morning Motivation

Two of our super creative talented friends are featured today! Jacob has the voice of woodsy meets pure meets folk goodness. Austin Wideman filmed this beautiful ballad. This is one of those songs I could listen to on repeat for months on end.

Support his kickstarter project here!

Welcoming Lil Levi

 photo hostesses_zpsf8a2947e.jpg Getting nested and ready for little baby Levi has been such a blast - super weird getting ready for this peanut that is just jumping around in my belly and thinking he's going to be in our hands soon, but awesome nonetheless. Last month, these lovely ladies threw us a books and bow-tie themed shower for our little man! We are so blessed to have these women in our lives. People showered us (pun intended) with so many goodies and fun baby knickknacks. I've decided everything is way cooler in mini-size.  photo volunteercenter_zpsb09abe36.jpg  photo emilynixon_zpse61559c5.jpg As we are packing up our house this week, I am reminded by where we were exactly a year ago. Getting ready to waltz down the aisle and jet set off to Europe of our honeymoon/Bo's internship. Crazy how times flies. Having encouraging friends and family keeps us grounded and in constant gratitude.  photo showercollage_zps7a7687a2.jpg  photo wellsfamily_zps9ebc7c3d.jpg Thanks again to our hostesses and parentals and dear friends that constantly support us through each of our crazy life stages. Can't wait to see where life takes us next!


 photo dear_zps186e0e4c.jpg
Dearest Ikea, you are one overwhelming beast. Filled to the brim with all sorts of household goodies, I am officially overwhelmed by your awesomeness. A little frightened too, but I'm a supporter! Dear John Green, I cannot contain my excitement for The Fault In Our Stars to hit the big screens in just a mere matter for weeks. We are missing your Dallas Demand Our Stars tour, but one day I will meet you bygolly. Might be dragging an infant to comic con, but that is how far my dreams are willing to take me. Sweet Amy Sherman-Palladino, I have happily breezed through multiple seasons of Gilmore Girls (for the bajillionth time) and I am forever devastated that we were robbed of your final season and episode. This anger lead me on a wild internet search which made me a huge advocate of a Gilmore reunion movie or show series. Dearest lil Levi, you are just rolling around in that belly like a jumping bean. Sometimes your moving spurts come at the most random inopportune times, but I'm sure these are just the foreshadow of many of your surprise debuts to come.

Emma Stone Lip Sync Battle - Monday Morning Motivation

I owe you for being cyber absent for the past week. This little gem has served as my personal video pick me up for the better part of this week. 6 minutes is where I personally derive motivation. For further viewing pleasure, enjoy JGL dance moves at 4 minutes. Priceless. If my offspring has 1/2 as much swag as dear Joe, I will be beyond pleased.