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Dearest Ikea, you are one overwhelming beast. Filled to the brim with all sorts of household goodies, I am officially overwhelmed by your awesomeness. A little frightened too, but I'm a supporter! Dear John Green, I cannot contain my excitement for The Fault In Our Stars to hit the big screens in just a mere matter for weeks. We are missing your Dallas Demand Our Stars tour, but one day I will meet you bygolly. Might be dragging an infant to comic con, but that is how far my dreams are willing to take me. Sweet Amy Sherman-Palladino, I have happily breezed through multiple seasons of Gilmore Girls (for the bajillionth time) and I am forever devastated that we were robbed of your final season and episode. This anger lead me on a wild internet search which made me a huge advocate of a Gilmore reunion movie or show series. Dearest lil Levi, you are just rolling around in that belly like a jumping bean. Sometimes your moving spurts come at the most random inopportune times, but I'm sure these are just the foreshadow of many of your surprise debuts to come.

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