His & Hers: May Edition

 photo wantreadlistneedmay_zpsc89e5776.jpg His: want, need, listen, read 
Hers: want, need, listen, read

Keeping in step with our super delayed procrastination this month, here is our much belated His & Hers. Bopants has recently picked up a hankering for golf, so out of nowhere he has become quite interested and obsessed with playing anywhere and everywhere. We are moving next week, so as I type, a mountain of boxes torments me from every direction. Our small cottage is basically in shambles with only one small pathway from the door to the fridge to the bed. Because really, where else do you need to go in a house. With the CFA test right around the corner, Bo has been stuffing his post graduate days with loads of studying for hours and hours on end when he isn't packing up our belongings. I on the other hand have my eye on a different prize. Summer is the season of all my favorite alcoholic drinks and pregnancy is just harshing my mellow. The sacrifices we make for our children. Am I riiiiiiiiight?!? A pregnancy swimsuit has been at the top of my shopping list for a while. Nickel Creek finally came out with another joyful cd after about 8 years of hiatus. Totally worth the wait. We already scored tickets to their tour in Dallas! Babycenter and google just about save my skin on this whole pregnancy thing, constantly answering questions I didn't even know I had and filling my head with all the baby things. Welp that about covers it! Over and out. 

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