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Dearest Mismatched Simplicity, I have fallen into a pattern of neglecting you in recent weeks. As usual, I have a million different excuses for my procrastination but really none of them matter. Apologies and I am slowly working on getting back into the routine of consistent blogging. Sweet Baby Levi, you are one moving moving man in that belly of mine! Literally, every nurse seems floored by your motor skills. Not sure if I should be majorly impressed or scared out of my mind at the lil moving boy you will be. Dear Dallas, thanks for being utterly lovely to me and the hubs the past few weeks. I'm gonna be honest, I wasn't expecting too much amazingness in moving here and you have blown my expectations out of the water. We are become best friends in record time. Dreary rainy weather, let's stay this way forever! I love you too much. Literally soaking up these summer showers and overcast beauty each and everyday. My quaint kitchen, kudos for sticking with me through all my recent cooking experiments. Staying home has lended loads time to trying out new recipes and getting my homemaker on. Can't wait to see what we cook up next.

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