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Dearest Dr. Pepper with a squeeze of lime, thank you for constantly providing me the perfect pick me up to a long afternoon. I gave up my soft drink addiction for most of college, but you have befriended me in a time of need (aka growing a baby) and for that I am forever indebted to you. Oh HGTV, how you can keep me company with daily house makeover marathons. I have an unhealthy love for anything designed by Jonathan and Drew Scott. With their 3 shows alone, I am constantly entertained. I could move to Waco today and have Fixer Upper make me a dream home. Jesus can feel free to take my heavenly mansion blueprints from any of Joanna's designs. Dear Mindy Kaling, I joined your fan-wagon a little late. You are utterly hilarious and I have vowed to re-watch all the Office seasons to really appreciate your writing early work. The world owes you tremendously for The Mindy Project brilliance. Shouldda got an Emmy! Lastly lil Levi, Oh! How you love to kick the crap outta me all day everyday. I mean, I truly appreciate the 24/7 companionship from my inner womb, but I am just about ready for you to tumble outta there. Really. Anyday. You just feel free to grace us with your presence pronto.

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