Pillow talk with Bopants & Levi

 photo BopantsandLevi_zps76003493.jpg Once again, I majorly failed in the consistency of these great late night convo posts between the hubs and offspring. Since this little man could be joining us in the real world any given moment, I figured it was time to do another pillow talk feature.

Bopants: "Levi, are you just sleeping in there? I bet you are. Enjoy it while you can because one day you'll be 20 and then you'll never be able to sleep again. Unless you are like your momma.. in which case you will be sleeping all the time."
Me: *not smiling. Unamused by this recent deduction.

Husband has been quite disappointed that my belly button never officially popped out. I myself was aokay with one less quarky body change to deal with.
Bopants: "I am ready for this inny belly button to pop out! Maybe if we get a lil suction like a plunger. I'm obsessed with this little belly button."

Me: "What song are you humming?"
Bopants: In complete seriousness. "The Levi song. It's going to be a hit." As he continues to rock my belly and feet with his humming rhythm.
Bopants: "The app says they can feel movement. I bet he's dancing in there to my humming."
Levi: Continues to kick along with the humming

Bopants: "Do your baby toes hurt when you kick mommy? You gotta be careful not to hurt yourself little guy!"
Glad he's showing concern for one of the involved parties. Notice he had no words of comfort for the mommy who daily gets the daylights beat out of her intestines.

I love these two dudes too much to handle. Can't wait till Levi starts chatting back to his Papa Bear! Bound to bring out even more comical goodness.

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