Seven Day Snapshots

 photo 1_zps19196206.jpg  photo 3_zpsd27c83ca.jpg  photo 5_zps88f32c2c.jpg  photo 2_zps8be5b685.jpg  photo 7_zps9a6ca241.jpg  photo 6_zps825f3c7c.jpg  photo 9_zps5b699a95.jpg  photo 8_zps527d16cb.jpg  photo 4_zpsd6f39ee8.jpg  photo 10_zps35bf7942.jpg getting back into the swing of blogging hasn't been near as simple as I had anticipated. Getting out of cyber routine is easily as hard, if not worse than the gym conundrum. Once you stop consistency, getting your mojo back is 203109283 harder than in the first place. Or at least that is how with my silly little self. I just kept putting off blog updates for a million reasons, but today I have decided to put on the metaphorical sweat pants and hit the elliptical again.

Over the past few weeks, Bopants and I have had our share of change and celebrations!
-We had our one year anniversary (WHOOOOP) and rang in the joy with Sunday brunch at a local eatery sitting outside with rainy weather. Can you say perfect?
-Our old landlords had my insanely talented father draw up our first backhouse home and gave it to us as our moving away present. How sweet is that? The little cottage was great to us and I am so stoked to have a treasured memory of our first home together.
-Baby bump has been growing away! Gotta love accenting it with a good cats in outer space shirt.
-Not really sure what our lovely couple shot was from.. chalking up memory loss to pregnancy brain.
-Little Levi has had his fair share of attention the past few weeks. I might or might not be minorly obsessed with my new OBGYN and her nurses who write cute things on ultrasounds.
-One of my many fun weddings this summer took place in the ever eclectic Roswell, New Mexico. Farleys was by far the most funky (and surprisingly delicious) place I have ever eaten. Ordering the "specialty" fish and chips at a retro alien themed diner in the middle of New Mexico seemed a bit too sketchy for even me, but alas - no regrets! Enjoyed every bite.
-My old ma and hubs just kayaking on White Rock Lake because they are all outdoorsy and whathaveyou. During the time of the photo opt, my mom and I were getting our shop on at Macys. Shame? Nahhhh.
-Parentals are becoming all cultured and jet setting the world now that they are child free. They visited Israel for a couple weeks and sent us daily emails with precious photos like this one^^
-Bopants and I both had birthdays in June and loved celebrating with good family, friends and grubbin. I love me some birthday month!!

Welp, that about catches us up to today. We are insanely enjoying our new Dallas life (which is rather shocking to all parties involved). Can't wait to pop out Levi and have another little dude to hangout with. Let the good times roll.

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