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Dear Facebook Garage Sales, I should save us all the trouble and sign up for rehab therapy due to my pure addiction to you. Better than eBay. I check you literally every hour and have purchased flower pots, combat boots, baby goods and tennis shoes on you in the past 2 weeks. Whoops. Dearest chewy granola bars, who knew you would be the midnight snack lifesaver. I've downed an embarrassing amount of you guys in the past 15 days. Let the good times roll. BBC Network, I bestow the golden trophy of show creation on/to you and you alone. Between Doctor Who, Sherlock and Call the Midwife - you struck a creative tv goldmine. Beats all American tv all day everyday. To the inverter of color changing diapers, you da you da best! Lifesaver in the infant changing department. Sweet lil Levi, I am crazy madly insanely head over heels in love with you!! Everyday you catch me off guard with something new or more precious than the day before. I am loving this whole motherhood shindig.

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