Seven Day Snapshots

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Mommyhood has been in full swing at our house since the arrival of baby Levi last Monday, which has resulted in much blog neglect. These were the shots from the week right before popping out baby. Bopants had a work trip in New York City in my 39th week, so my parents came over for an extended slumber party just in case I went into labor early. We soaked up our week with movies, getting them hooked on Sherlock, hitting all my favorite eateries, some shopping and lots of selfies. We even fit in glasses shopping which inevitably resulted in my momma bear and I ceaselessly mocking my dad's desire for Ben Franklin glasses. Such a swell last week of non-babyness. Thankfully, Levi held on one more week till Bopants got home to make his big debut. Updates on motherhood to follow!

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