photo c6e3f4cd-b3cb-4f6d-8d8c-2ed5e31c9114_zps698dfb5e.jpg Cheers and welcome to the viral diaries of yours truly. My name is D'Ann, but Annie works too since goodness knows it's easier to communicate. Enter at your own risk. Post grad marketing major. Happily addicted chick flic watcher. Eternal Disney fan. Lover of slam poetry, hot tea with a splash of cream, mismatched fuzzy socks and breezy autumn weather. I married my best friend, Mr. Bopants in May of 2013. We traded in small city Texas life for a summer abroad relishing in the countries of Switzerland, France, England, Ireland and Belgium. I drink my milk with ice cubes and firmly believe queso and pizza deserve their own food groups.

Mismatched Simplicity was birthed right out of high school as a means to update my family on collegiate life and document what was important to me in real time. Journaling is kin to exercise in my life: a fantastic concept in theory, but often impossible behavior to put into practice. Blogging has helped bridge the gap for me, capturing daily little moments in text or photography or interviews. I much more prefer our relationship to mirror a friendship, so please feel free to ask questions or comment on whatever floats your fancy. 


  1. I've been pa-roozing around the blogasphere and came across your site and can I just say... You are so great! Literally, I'm in love. Thanks for sharing your life and heart with all of us out here. I've been so inspired. Your wedding/marriage is really encouraging; my fiance and I have a similar background and not to mention... He is an aggie! Love you people. I'd love to get to know you a little bit more. We should chat sometime. :)

    I'd love to subscribe or put your blog button on my page but I wasn't able to find anything like that on your page either... Am I just not looking in the right places? :)

  2. Hi!
    I am loving your blog (and this page!!!) can't wait to follow along..and UM. HELLO adorable picture on your "about me." My husband and I love I am in love with your cute picture.

    Can't wait to read more!
    -Elicia @ lifesajournee

  3. What an adorable photo! I am also an eternal disney fan and love biking. Looking forward to following along. :)



Merci for all your kind/thoughtful/comical/random comments! Chatting with readers is a major step in making this interweb relationship a bit more two-way, like old friends ranting about life. Makes my heart happy. I read and try to respond to each and every comment, so check back!
Shalom lovelies.